Wags & Brags

Wags & Brags

Over the Rainbow Bridge:

  • Our beloved Welsh Terrier friends that have gone on to a new place.



MaryEllen and Claire became proud “grandparents” to their Grand Champion Bridget who had a litter in September.   There were 3 boys and 2 girls.  Claire and MaryEllen kept Jameson.  One of the boys lives on Long Island with his new mom.  His name is Winkleman but is called Winkie. The other boy lives in Rochester, NY with his family, mom, dad and three kids. His name is Maxwell and is called Max.  The one girl went to a show home so she will be shown by Rie & Joe Hull. Her name is Margo. Sadly Rosie passed after a few weeks.

View this cute video: Family Night with Bridget and the Puppies!


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