Useful Links

The Welsh Terrier Club of America.  The national breed club recognized by the AKC and responsible for establishing the standard for all Welsh Terriers in this country.
This is the national Welsh Terrier Rescue organization within the WTCA.  They are a valuable resource if you know of a WT in trouble or are looking to adopt a rescued Welshie
The American Kennel Club.  This is the preeminent breed registry in the country.  Their site has lots of general info on dogs in general and specific info on dog shows, obedience trials, agility competitions, etc.
Welsh Health: This site has general information on Welsh Terrier health issues
The deep link within the AKC site that deals with the fastest growing competitive segment in the dog world … Rally-Obedience
Earthdog Dig Want to see what your Welsh Terrier was originally bred to do?  This is the deep link within the AKC site that deals with Earthdog!  Earthdog trials are a competitive version of the heritage or WT’s hunting vermin on working farms in Wales
All Animal Eye Clinic is a full service ophthalmology clinic. Routine ocular exams are done using such specialized equipment as the TonoPen XL for measuring intraocular pressure to check for glaucoma and the ophthalmoscope to check for lesions at the back of the eye.
National Animal Rescue Network
Welsh Terrier Health Information and Links
Info Dog:
Site to find dog shows and see show results.
FACEBOOK LINKS: (you need to have your own Facebook account to access these pages)
Glyndwr Welsh Terrier Club
Welsh Terrier Fan Club
Welsh Terriers Rock!
Welsh Terrier Club of America
Naughty Terrier Club