New Year’s Luncheon


Our first event of the year is Saturday, January 14th at NOON – it’s a dog-free luncheon in Wallingford, CT.

Restaurant:  Memories…at The Tradition Golf Club

Address:  37 Harrison Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Telephone: 203-269-6023


Reservation is under the name:  Barbara Bourland


The average meal is $10.95 and the menu is varied, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes and wallet.  And we have booked a private room!


We will be planning a raffle for the event and we have a number of wonderful Welshie items!  So it’ll be a great way to kick off 2017, meet your feeling GWTC members, and hear more about this year’s events.


PLEASE RSVP TO CAMILLE  DIRECTLY BY FRIDAY JANUARY 13TH so I have a final headcount, please.