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Percy  Bridget-BOS

PERCY                                                     BRIDGET

At the Salisbury Kennel Club – 11/9/14:

  • Congratulations to Terry Lohmuller.  Her boy Percy won Best Of Breed and then got a Group 2 in the Terrier Group.
  • Congratulations to Bridget Alasio-Carney who got Best of Opposite Sex



It is with great sadness to tell you that our friend and founding member of the WTCARES (placement for rescue Welsh Terriers) , Elizabeth Leaman has passed away.  Her Hapitails Welsh Terriers were a joy to all – in the show ring and in our homes.  Liz came to all our events, helped anyone who need it, participated in all aspects of running the club, and to top it off was great fun to be with.  She will be sorely missed. 

Elizabeth Preble Leaman, 83, of Glen Ridge, passed away peacefully on Thursday August 22, 2013.

The daughter of Dorothy and John Preble, Elizabeth grew up in Jamaica Plain, MA.  After attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Elizabeth moved to New York City.  She was employed as an executive secretary by the firm Young and Rubicam.  Elizabeth married Dr. John Leaman on May 25, 1957.  She left Young and Rubicam to start a family.

When Dr. Leaman’s ophthalmology practice moved to NJ, the Leamans  relocated to Glen Ridge.  During this time, she developed an interest in breeding Welsh Terriers.  She became an integral part of the dog show world.  She was very active in the Welsh Terrier Club of America, serving as president and on numerous committees.  She was an active and prolific breeder of top-winning Welsh Terriers, under the Hapitails prefix.  One of her dogs, Muddy (Bis Ch Hapitails Hit Parade) won best of breed at both the Montgomery County Kennel Club and the Westminster Dog Show.  In addition to breeding and showing dogs, she was very involved in forming WTCARES, a rescue for Welsh Terriers, helping in the placement of many dogs.  A woman of immense generosity, she supported many charitable and educational endeavors.  

She is survived by her husband of 56 years, Dr. John C. Leaman, her sons, John C. Jr. of New York City and George Francis of Glen Ridge.  She also leaves her sister, Margaret O’Connor of Boston, MA.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to WTCARES, which is now tax deductible.

Send to:

Judy Pommett 11   Harriot  AveHarrington Park, NJ   07640 or to: WTCARES c/o Lyn Hollis,164 North Forrest    Ave

Camden, TN 38320

 Checks can be made out to WTCARES with the notation that it is given in memory of Elizabeth Leaman.   





Russ & Laura Steingiser, Glastonbury, CT – Nellie

Hi Russ, we were unable to attend the Halloween walk as our girl, Nellie  was ill.  We didn’t choose to put her through testing, but vet guessed  cancer or spine, bones.  She had an awesome 4 weeks on prednisone, running,  playing, eating .  She dropped to the floor on Thursday, was gone.  No  pain, after a day of playing in the snow, eating homemade meatloaf made just for  her.  We are so sad, as is our boy, Nigel.  She was the best dog  ever.  Laura


Vicki Strong & Don Torok, West Roxbury, MA- Waggs – 14 years 

“Waggs will not be with us.  He went to the Rainbow bridge on July 5, 2012.  He had a long full life and we are very sad that he has passed on.  He was 14 years old.”

Len & Cary Peterson, Westport, CT – Tosca – 14 years

“Our Welshies provided us with  much pleasure over the years we had them. You are almost always aware you have a dog when you have a Welsh Terrier . Their spunky spirit etches them in to your heart.

We were so sad when we lost Max a year ago, and when Tosca died after nearly 14 years in July we were devastated. She was such a little princess , constantly outfoxing us when it came to getting her way. She was a very pretty face with a dash of contrariness, and a sweet greeting for all people and most dogs. After she died we both missed her with a grief that was palpable. “ I don’t want another dog” I wept to my husband “I only want Tosca back.” Tosca’s good looks earned her attention everywhere. People would stop in their cars and say “what kind of dog is that?..I want one!” when we took her out for a walk. Len walked her several miles in the early morning for the entire time we had her. The week after she died he didn’t go out walking at all. Then his mother died the week following Toscas death. On the way back from the nursing home on the day she died we stopped at an ASPCA  adoption event. We adopted a little rescue ( with a lot of various terriers in her) and so the healing process has begun. Chloe is a little sweetheart, more docile than our Welshies were . Len is back walking again, and this little pumpkin makes me laugh. When there is a Sherwood Island event we will bring her down to meet the group we enjoyed for so many years.”


Irene Smith – Skipper

Goodbye to Skipper

Skipper had been suffering from old age for the last year. Although he got along amazingly well at home he had not been up to events. He died last Friday (6/22) after a long and fun filled life.  Irene Smith


Stonewall Abigail Scarlet (Abby) – July 25, 2000 – April 14, 2012

Our condolences to Chris & Bob Chizzoniti

You taught me to play Follow the Leader.
You taught me to play a good hard game of tug.
You were right by my side when I was learning to climb the deck steps, but I decided jumping was easier.
You always let me drink water from your bowl.  It tasted better to me.
You always let me take your dental chewie and leave you mine to have.
You allowed the three pugs to sleep in your spot when they stayed over.
You came to wake me up in the mornings and brought me outside to do my business.
You wanted to stay with me when our bi-peds left the house, so we were always together and not in separate places.
You accepted me into your life when no one wanted me.
You are the best big sister a puppy rescue welsh terrier could have.
YITP, WT Austin
Ken and Midge Pellegrino  Brookfield, CT. – Cooper
Our beloved Cooper lost his life to a Coyote attack on February 13th, and the only way we can accept this is as a random act of nature…beautiful but wild with the food chain in place. He was perfectly trained to an electric fence, but that fateful evening a single large alpha wolf Coyote paid him a quick visit, while I spoke on the phone for 15 minutes.
Cooper was the most loving and gregarious animal you could ever meet. As a puppy he was the first pup of the litter to come to the breeders lap.  He loved to play, chase a ball, and would play a game of “trade” whenever he desired, grabbing some object in the house he knew he was not susposed to have…running around…and only dropping it when I had a bisquit in my hand.  He never once damaged anything in our house and never broke anybodys skin…not even a scratch.  His intelligence amazed people…I trained him to hit a Cow Bell hung low from a piece of furniture by the garage door, as a signal that he wanted to go outside. I told people he was bilingual, as he would not touch his dinner food bowl until I gave him the imperative command in Italian “mangia! “; I could literally speak in Italian for a minute or two and he would not budge until he heard that one word. Once, my wife put his food down and then got distracted forgetting to say “mangia”, and  a few minutes later she saw him crouched over his bowl full of food with saliva drooling out of his mouth…she felt bad but laughed.
The most touching thing about Cooper was his affinity for human touch and closeness. It was not enough to sit right next to you, he had to be on your legs or lap with lots of contact. He would start the nights sleep in his LL Bean bed, only to end up in the middle of the night between Midge and I.
Amazingly, he would win over anyone with his affection. My long term dear friends from college stayed over last New Years, and Rhonda, not being a real dog person got converted when she laid on our couch by the lit fireplace and Cooper decided to warm her belly. She has never had a dog in her home in Washington, DC, but when they left she said “if you ever cannot get Cooper in the kennel, he can come to my house”.   Such was Cooper.
Cooper is missed very much, but fondly remembered.  Please keep an eye on your dogs and take extra care.
Sincerely,  Ken and Midge Pellegrino  Brookfield, CT.

 Cooper    Cooper2






Russ Bain & Peter Scifo – Rowdy

Pitter patter of four little feet arrive at Russ and Peter’s house Russ and Peter have adopted a dog! His name is Rowdy and he’s an 8 year old male and he’s a real sweetheart. He came from Ginny Gross of NJ who, physically, just could not care for him any longer. It broke her heart to say goodbye to an old friend of 8 years. But this is the beauty of adoption and rescue, because Rowdy is now in another loving home thanks to the effectiveness of the Welsh Terrier networks. Rowdy was found through the WTCARES network and Judy Pommett, our regional WTCARES representative, who was the coordinator of this adoption. Rowdy’s breeder is Diane Orange of Counselor Welsh Terriers


Bob & Chris Chizzoniti – Daisy

Enter Daisy Lyn! Daisy was born on June 4, 2012.

She loves her new big brother and follows him around the yard.  Her favorite thing to do is to pull on his beard and play tug.  The Chizzoniti’s have had Welsh Terriers for 43 years!  As shown in these photos, Austin and Daisy are quite the pair!


Robert Levy and his partner, Les Gluck, have a new Welsh!  They just bought a 2 year old bitch from Eileen Lurker (a WTCA breeder) in Indiana. Her name is Mika and she is 2 years old ,though she looks and acts like a puppy.  She is petite at only 14 lbs. She is a beauty,very affectionate but needs a lot of training.  Enjoy your new addition!


Mika3 Mika2 Mika





Terry Lohmuller’s bitch went winner’s bitch at the Montgomery Kennel Club show this past Sunday for a 4 point major. Her name is Sanherpinc Merida.


Annie’s Flying Terrier – Cassie at Obedience Camp in Virginia